Find The Best Gear for Your Vinyls

The best record player setup will fit your budget, look great, and fulfill your analog audio dreams.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate the world of record players and create a personalized setup that meets your audio needs!

How Can We Help With Your Turntable Setup?

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Record Player Gear Review Process

RecordPlayerPro has reviews on a bunch of different products all geared towards getting you the best audio experience out of your equipment.

I own two of my own decks. And for the most part, I work to test what I can first-hand.

But, sometimes I have to go on the experience of other folks. This is when I collect information from all across the web. I scour forums and research user manuals from top to bottom. I also scrutinize hundreds of reviews and opinions of real owners.

What you get is thorough and accurate information saving you days of time-consuming research.

With it, you’ll be equipped to make the best choices that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget, to find the best audio experience for you!

We want to make it easy to pick out the right record player or turntable. So we have put together high-quality reviews, thorough guides, and helpful tips to help out regardless of budget, experience, or music taste.

Popular Turntable and Record Player Guides

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Why you might Need a Phono Preamp

We are a small team dedicated to helping you navigate the world of record players and their related gear, and create a personalized setup that fits your analog audio needs.

As you click around and explore our site, you will find expert guidance, practical and useful tips, and product recommendations to make sure you have the best shot at building a solid turntable setup at the right price.

How-To Guides

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