About Me

Hi, my name is Gabi and this is a blog I run for the love of everything vinyl.  I was born in the late 70’s and, as a child I’d spend hours playing one vinyl record after another with the covers spread all around me on the wooden floor of our living room.  I grew up in South Africa and while the world was being fascinated by the compact disc, we were still playing our vinyls.  Well, those the government would allow us to have – but that’s another blog post altogether.

I learned how to respect vinyl from my step-father.  Although he was a big jerk, he did teach me the deeper meaning vinyl brings to music, how to love the crackle and pop, and of course how to care for and handle my records properly on and off the table.

So this is a place where I can just be myself, share what I know and share cool things I find out there online.  I guess it’s a little like a 40-something version of that little girl on the wooden floor surrounded by album sleeves…

Shoot me an email here: gabi.recordplayerpro @ gmail.com

I hope you enjoy it!