Edifier Bookshelf Speaker for Turntable

The 5 Best Speakers for Audio Technica Turntables

The best speakers for your Audio Technica turntable will have quality sound throughout the frequency range to capture all the details of your record, and they will look as good as they sound.

They will be powerful and have quality built-in amplifiers, saving you the stress and unnecessary spending that can come with buying an amplifier and speakers separately.

Audio Technica has a solid reputation in the industry for producing high-quality record players and turntables. But which speakers will pair best for such an awesome line of record players?

The speakers I personally own and use with my AT-LP60XBT are the Edifier R1280DB Speakers. I love their clean design, small size, great sound, Bluetooth, remote, and solid build quality!

This list is narrowed down to five options in order to help save you from sifting through tons of speakers for Audio Technica record players like the LP60X or LP120X. (opens in a new tab)

Factors such as price, durability, ease of use, and aesthetics were considered when choosing which speakers to feature.

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Let’s get started and discover the best speakers for Audio Technica.

Best Speakers for an Audio Technica Turntable:

Edifier R1280DB Bookshelf Speakers with BluetoothEdifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Optical Input - Wireless Studio Monitors - 4 Inch Near Field Speaker - 42w RMS - Wood Grain

I personally own this pair of bookshelf speakers and am impressed with their clean design and incredible sound quality for the price. I’ve been very impressed with the Edifier brand for as long as I have owned them.

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(Initially, I bought a pair of Edifier speakers without Bluetooth thinking I could save a few bucks, but having access to Bluetooth was something I realized I missed. So I kept those and bought the 1280DBs with Bluetooth, too!)

They are compact and have a glossy wood finish that looks nice next to my Audio Technica turntable. That are also available in a black finish in you prefer.

The blue Bluetooth indicator light on the front is subtle and easy to see behind the speaker cover fabric. You will love the joyful chime that plays when Bluetooth connects or disconnects!

On the side of the main speaker there are three knobs for treble, bass, and volume control, and are fairly intuitive. High frequencies on the top knob, low bass frequencies below that, and volume on the bottom knob.

It’s a small detail, but I think it was smart of them to put the treble dial above the bass dial. If I’m making an adjustment I don’t have to read the text to find the right dial, I just remember that high frequencies are on the higher-up dial.

These speakers are a great value at their price point and sound great. They pair perfectly with my Audio Technica LP60XBT deck and capture the sound from my albums very well.

The dual RCA input allows you to connect two devices simultaneously without having to switch one for the other.

The speakers feature a studio-like sound quality that enhances your music, movie, or gaming experience. The sound from these powered speakers can even work when hosting a small party at your home, and playing some background music.

My daily deck is nothing crazy: an Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT. Pairing it with a high quality set of speakers to get the best sounding music is a must!

This set of speakers comes with a remote, so you have the ability to pause, play, mute, increase or decrease the volume, swap inputs, and turn Bluetooth on or off. I mainly use the remote for volume control or turning Bluetooth on if I want to stream some focus music from my phone.

Note: The remote I received is different than the one currently shown in the product image. Here’s a picture of mine:

Edifier bluetooth speakers remote

The audio jack and included RCA cables and RCA/3.5mm cable allows you to listen to music from several devices, including mobile phones, tablets, iPods, and MP3 players. There is a 3.5mm subwoofer output jack if you crave extra low end frequencies.

Note: I own both versions of the speakers, the Bluetooth-enabled 1280DB in my home office paired to my Audio Technica deck, and the non-Bluetooth 1280Ts in my living room for watching TV.


  • Dimension of each speaker: 7″ x 9.5″ x 5.8″
  • Item weight: 10.8 Pounds total
  • RCA Input: 2
  • Material: Wood
  • Type: Bookshelf
  • Control method: Remote and Manual Knobs
  • Bass Driver Size: 4 Inches
  • Power: 42 Watts


  • Sound quality is impressive
  • Good bass levels, front-facing port helps send out lower frequencies
  • Adjustable bass and treble settings
  • Easy to set up
  • Accessible and finite volume control
  • Sturdy and durable speakers
  • Remote control
  • Bluetooth


  • Volume is a infinite spin knob which is annoying for some people (but it is there because the remote has volume controls)
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Best Budget Turntable Speakers:

Logitech Z323 Speakers and Subwoofer System

Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer

This low-cost speaker system from Logitech will amplify your audio experience with its 360-degree sound and external subwoofer.

Its amazing sound quality is distributed evenly throughout the space in every direction, giving everyone in the room an opportunity to listen to the same sound. Though it only has one RCA audio jack, it is enough to connect your game console, record player, or iPod.

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Its subwoofer is bottom-firing and side-ported which produces a smooth and powerful bass sound. You can connect up to two devices to it at once. It is easy to use because of the easy-to-adjust volume control and bass knob behind the subwoofer.

The dual RCA and 3.5mm jack can be used by music lovers who love to listen to music privately through headphones. The speaker has a wattage of 30W, which is enough to produce a full range of sound.


  • Product dimensions: 9.37″ x 9.87″ x 9.75″
  • Item weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Colors available: Black
  • Power: 30 Watts (Subwoofer: 18 Watts)


  • Features a flexible system to control the volume
  • The sound quality is top-notch
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Easy bass adjustment on the subwoofer


  • No option to adjust the treble
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Best Speakers Under 400:

Edifier S1000MKII Speakers

Also from Edifier, known for producing high-quality bookshelf speaker systems, this speaker gives you an experience you don’t get from a regular bookshelf speaker. These speakers will be an audiophile-friendly upgrade from traditional models as it is perfect for both turntable setups and consoles or PC gaming setups.

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It comes with an advanced aptX audio codec that allows you to compress any audio while retaining its original quality. It can also enhance the sound quality by fixing normal latency issues common to most speaker systems.

Like every other speaker system, this model has an audio jack that allows you to connect your turntable, PC, console, or TV.

The package comes with a 5-meter coaxial cable to connect devices easily.

It also features Bluetooth connectivity that gives you the freedom to listen to music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The one year warranty is a bonus!


  • Product dimensions: 11″ x 8″ x 13.5″
  • Item weight: 18 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Wooden
  • Control: Remote
  • RMS Power: 120 Watts


  • Easy to use and connect
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Sound quality is top-notch
  • Wooden material makes cleaning and wiping off dust easier
  • Pairs up with Bluetooth-enabled devices quickly


  • Optical input port could be improved
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Best Speakers for an Audiophile:

Audioengine A5+ Speakers

This bookshelf speaker system delivers clear and powerful sound quality that fills any room with great sound.

These speakers should be considered if you own one the Audio Technica’s higher end turntables, such as the AT-LP7, and don’t have the space for a full set of floor speakers.

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The built-in power amp is made of premium quality materials and features aramid fiber woofers and silk tweeters so you are guaranteed a durable speaker system.

Everything about this speaker, from the hassle-free setup to its ability to work without a network, makes it appealing. This speaker does not require a password, so you don’t need to stress over completing the setup process.

Use the RCA and 3.5mm inputs to connect any device you want. It also comes with a wireless audio adapter that connects to any wireless-enabled device from a distance of 50 ft, a connection cable, and a remote control for stress-free operation.


  • Product dimensions: 7.75″ x 7″ x 10.75″
  • Item weight: 25 pounds
  • USB port: No
  • RMS Power: 150 Watts (the highest on our list)
  • Connection type: Wired and Wireless
  • Control: Remote
  • Colors Available: 3 (Black, White, and Bamboo)


  • Flexible volume control
  • Made from quality materials
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Great customer service


  • No USB, HDMI, or optical input
  • No manual treble or bass adjustment on the speakers
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Best Turntable Speakers Under 500:

Kanto YU4 Speakers

The YU4 speakers offer RCA, Bluetooth, and Aux inputs, but the high quality sound output and beautiful design of these powered speakers are the reason to consider them for your home.

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Two factors contribute to its elegant design: the use of high-quality materials, and the manufacturer’s desire to stand out.

The speakers come with a remote control, and it is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

You can make use of the phono switch with a built-in preamp to plug your turntable directly into this speaker system.


  • Product dimensions: 13.39″ x 5.51″ x 8.66″
  • Item weight: 13.2 Pounds
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries for remote
  • Colors available: 8! (including Matte White, Gloss Black, Bamboo, and Walnut)
  • RMS Power: 70 Watts


  • Great sound quality and clarity
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity make operation flexible
  • Clean symmetrical design
  • Built-in 5W USB-output charging port
  • Available in many colors
  • Great customer service


  • Does not feature USB input, so using a USB-to-digital optical converter is recommended as a workaround
  • Low range could be improved with a paired subwoofer
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Buying Guide: FAQs About Audio Technica Record Players

What is the difference between an Audio Technica record player and a regular record player?

Audio Technica is a renowned record player maker in the market with a reputation for great designs, stylish ideas, and groundbreaking innovations. They’ve come a long way, from the days of producing phonographs to the days of producing problem-solving audio equipment.

With their modern-day record players and turntables, from entry level turntables like the AT-LP60X to audiophile turntables like the AT-LP7, you can trust them to manufacture a great product.

What kind of speakers will be compatible with Audio Technica record players?

Audio Technica record players can work well with any speaker that has an R/L stereo RCA jack. They were originally designed to be used with a component stereo receiver.

You will eliminate the receiver if you buy a pair of powered speakers with RCA inputs.

Do record players produced by Audio Technica come with USB connections since they’re always coming up with innovative designs?

If you would love a turntable with a USB for easy connections and more available resources, you may be disappointed to note that record players from Audio Technica do not come with USB ports.

However, if you would like to use this feature in conjunction with your record player that you just purchased from Audio Technica, buy a USB/RCA connector at a low price. This way, you can have the best of both worlds.

Do I have to buy an amplifier, or can I hook the unit directly to power speakers?

Since powered speakers have great volume control, they can always be connected directly to Audio Technica’s turntables, all thanks to the built-in phono preamplifier. Behind the turntable lies the LINE position. Turn on this switch (preamp selector), and that’s it.

The built-in phono progressively raises the volume from low to high, enabling the equalizer to do what it was designed to do in the unit.

Can I use headphones with my Audio Technica in place of a powered speaker?

In principle, you could. Be sure to set the volume to a reasonable level that will not cause damage to your eardrums. Since the record player has no volume control, it’s imperative to buy a pair of headphones that features good volume control. It may also be necessary to use a headphone amplifier between the turntable and the headphones.

Can I plug these speakers into a smart TV?

The simple answer is maybe. While we can’t speak for all of the latest TVs in town, speakers like the ones on this list can be plugged into some newer models. The only condition that must be met is that the TV must have stereo RCA input jacks.

Can I record sound from a turntable into a flash drive or any other external storage device?

Remember that these turntables have no USB port, so inserting the flash directly into the unit for this purpose probably isn’t likely. But there is a way you can work around that. Just make sure the recording is saved on your computer. This way, the saved audio can then be transferred to a flash drive.

Can a turntable convert music from a record into iTunes, from which I could then burn it to CD?

Technically, this is possible. Just ensure that the default sample rate is set at 44100Hz and the default sample format is 16-bit.

Do you need speakers for the LP60X?

Yes, you need speakers because there are no internal speakers on the Audio Technica LP60X.

Do you need an amplifier for an Audio Technica LP60X?

No, the AT-LP60X has a built-in amplifier. The built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier for phono- or line-level output makes setup easy. You can connect your powered speakers directly to the LP60X without having to purchase an additional pre-amp.

Final Verdict

This curated list of the 5 best speakers for Audio Technica record player aims to help you through your decision-making about which of the tons of speakers available online will work well with your player.

While we’re sure that you would enjoy all of the speakers in this review, it remains your responsibility to analyze your needs and budget constraints carefully. Considering these two factors will help you make a great choice.

The best speaker for you will not necessarily be the most expensive on this list but will largely depend on your preferences, budget, and past experiences. It would be best if you also considered extra features like Bluetooth, lighting, and controls.

We hope this product review has helped you find some awesome new speakers for your Audio Technica.

Best of luck!

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