Best Turntable Isolation Platform

best turntable isolation platform

As simple isolation platform can do wonders to improve sound quality

Is there missing detail in the music you’re hearing?

There might be…

The ritual involved with vinyl collecting is addictive.  And at some point our attention moves to improving the sound quality of the rigs we have.

It’s straightforward really, less vibration equals better sound.

And adding something as simple as an isolation platform under your turntable can make the music more alive.

You can check out my favorite isolation platform on Amazon.

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Best Turntable Isolation Platform

Isolation platforms don’t have to break the bank, although some of them will!  Even the most modest ones will do a great job of cleaning up the background so your music floats and stands out with detail.

So here at RPP I’ve brought together the best ones on the market for you to compare.  You can start by checking out my comparison chart to see them side by side…

Best Turntable Isolation Platform – Comparison Chart

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Auralex Isolation Platform $ My Auralex Isolation Platform Review See the Auralex Acoustics ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform on Amazon
Dawn's Depot Isolation Platform $ My Dawn's Depot Isolation Platform Review See Dawn's Depot Maple Audio Isolation Platform on Amazon
Pro-Ject Isolation Platform $$ My Pro-Ject Isolation Platform Review See the Pro-Ject Groundit Deluxe 1 Audio Turntable Base on Amazon
Gingko Isolation Platform $$$ My Ginko Isolation Platform Review See the Gingko Audio Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform on Amazon

Best Turntable Isolation Platform

Auralex Acoustics ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform

The Auralex Acoustics isolation platform is by far my favorite choice for turntables.  And it’s the best priced one too.

The platform is made up of an MDF platform which is well  known for it’s acoustic abilities.  But it doesn’t stop there…

The MDF is covered with a material called Ozite.  Ozite is used in flooring products for it’s isolation properties.

Which makes it a great material for an isolation platform too.

The Ozite covered MDF is supported by a 1 inch thick ‘Platfoam’.

This design is made to separate your turntable from the shelf or stand you have it sitting on.

And if you’re strapped for space and have your TT sitting on your speakers this isolation platform is an absolute must.

According to Auralex the weight capacity of their isolation platform is 300 lbs.  So there’s no way it’ll collaps under the weight of your TT.

And if your deck stands on spiked feet they won’t make a dent in the isolation board.

The Auralex has decent dimensions of 14.2 x 17.5 x 2 inches.  So it’ll hold just about any sized turntable comfortably.

There aren’t many afforable isolation platforms that are also high quality.  But the Auralex fits the bill in both categories.

It’s not the most attractive looking platform.  But it’s by far my favorite pick as the best turntable isolation platform.

Dawn’s Depot Maple Audio Isolation Platform

The next candidate to consider is Dawn’s Maple Audio Isolation Platform.

It looks just like a wooden chopping board.  But don’t let its looks fool you.

This isolation platform is made from Hard Rock Maple.  You might be thinking “well, wood is wood right?”


Hard Rock Maple has been used by the crafters of musical instruments for the longest time.  Think Stradavarius here.

And for good reason…

Hard Rock Maple is a fantastic tone wood.  So you get the density you need without any ringing.  This makes the isolation properties of this wood second to none.

This 3 inch platform comes in two sizes.  The smaller one is 21 x 18 inches.  While the bigger one is 21 x 21 inches.

Unless your deck is on the small side or you’re strapped for space, I recommend going with the bigger one.  This will give you more room to maneuver.

This platform is pleasing on the eye too.  It has a satin finish.  And it’s reverable, so you can use it either way to suit your spacial needs.

If you’re looking to drain even more vibrations into your Maple isolation platform using brass or copper isolation cones under your TT will get you there.

I like the Maple Audio Platform by Dawn’s Depot.  It’s more pricy than the Auralex but I think it’s isolation capabilities are of a higher quality.

If you’ve got the extra cash to spend and looks are important to you then this isolation platform should be on your radar.

Pro-Ject Groundit Deluxe 1 Audio Turntable Base

Pro-Ject is well known for their outstanding turntables and accessories.  And their Deluxe 1 Audio Turntable Base is no different.

Folks all over audio forums sing its praises.  And for good reason…

This base is designed to be heavy weight at 25 lbs.  This hefty weight gives it excellent isolation abilities.  It’s also filled with thousands of tiny granuals that improve dampening to isolate your deck.

Ultimately this means more isolation.  And less vibrations on your TT equals better overall sound.

The Deluxe 1 ships out with 4 adjutable spike or feet.  These are placed under the base to decouple your TT even more from the shelf its on.

You can set it up with either 3 or 4 feet, whatever suits your needs.

The base measures in at 500 x 45 x 400 mm.  If you add the feet it increases the height to 65 mm.  So you’ve got a lot of flexibility when it comes to space and placement.

The base is finished off with a dark grey piano finish which looks gorgeous.

This platoform by Pro-Ject offers high end isolation.  Although I think it’s pricy to say the least.

Unless you’ve got a ton of money to throw at an isolation platoform, I think you can get the same performace from something a lot more affordable.

Gingko Audio Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform

The Audio Cloud 11 platform by Gingko takes things to a whole new level.

The research and development that went into the design of this 18 x 16 x 2.5 inch platform is obvious.

It’s looks are pretty simple.  Two platforms with a bunch of balls in between.  But looks are decieving because this is a masterpiece…

The bottom platform has deep dimples that can hold up to 9 balls. This Cloud 11 version comes with 5 balls.

Each ball can comfortably hold 10 lbs each so this isolation platform can handle even the heaviest decks.

In fact, it’s specifically designed for the heavy VPI turntables.  But of course, you can use it for any turntable.

The top platform rests on those powerful little balls.  And this design completely decouples a turntable from its surroundings.

And from big names like Michael Fremer from Stereophile, the results are exquisite.  And I don’t doubt it for a minute.


Unless you have a state of the art turntable, or you’ve got plenty spare cash to spend, this isolation platform is probably not worth it.

I’m not saying it’s not a great platform, because it is great.  But I’m not sure you’ll enjoy the true value of what it can do.

And there are other isolation platforms out there with a much lighter price tag that will get the job done.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.  There might be folks out there with a lower end of the high end gear that love this baby, and that’s great.

But for my modest rig and most regular rigs out there it just wouldn’t be worth the money.

My Favorite Picks

Besides a decent deck, a cartridge that performs well and half decent speakers, improving the sound quality of your rig is pretty darn easy.

An isolation platform doesn’t have to cost the earth and even the most affordable ones do a fine job.

My first choice is the Auralex Isolation Platform.  I think it’s the perfect balance between price and performance.  Although I rated it 4 stars because I don’t think it’s particularly nice looking.  But your TT will cover up it’s basic look.

My second choice is the isolation platform from Dawn’s Depot.  I rated it 5 stars because I love the fact that it’s made from Hard Rock Maple so it’s acoustic abilities outdoes the Auralex.  And it looks beautiful.  Of course this comes at a slightly higher price.  But if you have the extra greenbacks this is a great choice.

The Pro-Ject and Gingko platforms get 5 stars each from me because they are excellent platforms.  Although I think they are pretty pricey for a regular rig setup.

Now that you know what’s out there and how each one performs, you can pick the best turntable isolation platform to suit your specific needs and won’t make your wallet sweat.

Are you in the market for a new TT?  Check out my review of the best ones under 400 bucks.

Or, if you’re looking for an affordable high performing cartridge check out these ones for under $100.

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