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Crosley Jukebox: Eye-Catching, but Expensive (CR1215A)

Based on the famous slice of Americana that is the Wurlitzer Jukebox – seen in practically any movie or TV show with a bar – the Crosley CR1215A Bluetooth Jukebox is aimed at those who want an over-the-top, eye-catching centerpiece to their bar, basement, or favorite hangout spot.

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Overview of the Crosley Jukebox with Bluetooth

Crosley rarely miss with their target aesthetics, whether its a record player or more unconventional item, and this remains the case with the Bluetooth Jukebox. Whether you like the style or not, it cannot be denied that they have nailed the look of the original Wurlitzer machines.

It is of course the 2020s and not the 1960s, so Crosley has added several modern touches their revival of the classic jukebox.

The CR1215A comes with a Bluetooth receiver, compatible with Android and iOS, removing the need for physical media entirely. There’s also a single CD player, AM/FM radio, AUX input, and the ability to connect external speakers for an improvement in sound.

Crosley CR1215A-WA Jukebox Loading CD

Crosley Jukebox CR1215A Specifications

The CR1215A comes with full RGB lighting bars, configurable in flashing multicolored, static single color, and multicolored displays. The included remote is fully functional (powered by 2 AAA batteries) and has the ability to control every feature of the jukebox including bluetooth pairing.

Inputs and Outputs

There’s Bluetooth input, a single-disc CD player, AUX input, and AM/FM radio input. The output can be switched between internal speakers, external, and mixed.


There are 2x15W speakers built in, with the ability to connect an external pair of speakers via twisted copper cables. The impedance is only eight ohms, so passive speakers will require an amplifier between themselves and the jukebox.


The CR1215A measures in at 26″ wide, 48″ tall, and 15″ deep. This can be increased to 59″ height with the optional stand.

Without the stand, the jukebox weighs 65lbs, and a beefy 100lbs with it. The wooden stand includes storage for at least 20 single-CD cases.

Crosley CR1215A-WA Jukebox with Opened Base Stand

What to Love About the CR1215 Crosley Jukebox

Let’s talk about what Crosley has done right with the CR1215A.

Great Design Aesthetic

The Crosley Jukebox looks fantastic and true to the original Wurlitzer design. The large tubes that define the outer shape and fill the area above the speakers are controllable RGB lights, with different lighting modes, allowing the user to select different flashing patterns – just in case it didn’t already attract enough attention – or to select a static design.

Crosley CR1215A-WA Jukebox

The lighting function is not tied to music playback, and is controllable even when nothing is playing. At the moment, the Crosley website lists only one style of this jukebox which has a walnut-look finish. This suggests that they are relying on the lighting to carry the aesthetic and the appeal to customers.

If RGB and bright lights are not your thing, the lighting can be disabled, leaving the tubes white.

Another eye-catching feature is the infinity-style mirrored section with surrounding lights.

I would like to see more options to cover other classic styles – more chrome or classic ivory and ebony styles could be two options.

Multiple Inputs

The Crosley Jukebox has Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, CD, and AUX inputs.

Crosley CR1215A-WA Jukebox Bluetooth on Phone

Hidden Digital Display

The digital display that Crosley used does not look so modern as to clash with the aesthetic, and still retains good functionality. It is hidden behind a chrome and plastic fold down cover plate, which is a faux song selector and features the titles of several famous jukebox hits.

It’s a quirky, good-humored design choice that allows people that do not want the look of a small digital screen and multi-function CD player to be on display at all times.

When exposed, the digital display shows the current output mode of the Jukebox and CD track information, radio station etc. It looks almost like a modified car stereo display.

Crosley CR1215A-WA Jukebox Digital Display

Remote Control

The included remote control does everything that the interface on the jukebox can do, reducing the amount of time needed to clean fingerprints from the display and buttons and being able to control this Crosley jukebox from across the room.

Easy to Move

The jukebox comes with pre-installed casters allowing for easier movement and relocation, which scores Crosley a small bonus point for consideration.

Storage Stand

The stand is a simple but sturdy wooden drawer which offers storage space for CDs. The jukebox unit sits atop it with the casters fitting in recessed cutouts. There is no physical attachment between the two items aside from gravity holding the jukebox on the stand. Customers will pay around another $200 for this.

Crosley ST15-WA Jukebox Stand for Full Size CR1215A Jukeboxes, Walnut

For that price, one could have expected a CD changer mechanism to make up for the jukebox’s single CD player, a record player, or even some additional inputs and outputs, such as the missing USB port and AUX out.

This leads us to the imperfections of the jukebox.

What to Dislike About the CR1215 Crosley Jukebox

I believe though that the final verdict on the CR1215A will boil down to what is not included.

No Record Player

For a centerpiece that is a modern take on a classic design, Crosley missed the design brief by not including a record player, especially considering vinyl’s recent resurgence over the last few years.

Speakers Could Be Stronger

Further cementing this feeling of Crosley somewhat missing the boat: there are two built in speakers, but they’re only 15W models. Again, this is an item that costs around $1500 with the stand. It would be less of an issue if they were good speakers, but they fall flat and numerous customers have complained of vibration and distortion when the volume is turned up.

Crosley should have provided more compatibility for PA systems or multi-speaker systems here if they did not want to front the cost of a bigger sound output themselves. 15W will only fill a small room and will not compete well with ambient noise generated by pesky situations such as people talking, playing pool or clinking glasses.

We’re also dealing here with a case of form-over-function. Sometimes, Crosley remembers that their products are used to output sound, more specifically music, and sometimes they forget. Sadly, this Bluetooth Jukebox seems to be a case of the latter, where sound quality is often described as ‘average’ or worse.

Yes, external speakers can be used, but this product costs enough that it should have had better sound quality out of the box.

Depending on the space in which the jukebox will live, consider using a superior sound system to play music, and leaving the Crosley Bluetooth Jukebox there to look pretty, garish, or pretty garish, which might well be the better option.

Smaller Than a Full Size Jukebox

The next bone of contention that I have with the Crosley Bluetooth Jukebox is that, by itself, it is not quite standard jukebox height. It’s actually quite a bit shorter, coming in at 48″ tall and up to 59″ with the stand which in much closer to standard height.

Crosley earns a cross word here for advertising their product as a “full size jukebox” which they then also sell a separate stand for to make it even more “full size.” It is simply a misleading claim attached to a unit that is very nearly a foot shorter than “full size.”

No USB Input

USB input is missing, which limits the connectivity and makes customers rely on a radio signal, CDs, and Bluetooth.

Inconsistent Build Quality

There needs to be a word on build quality. Perusing through customer reviews is a tricky business as you’re never quite sure of the intentions or the competence of the reviewer, however, patterns of complaints are worth taking note of. In this instance, several people have had trouble with the AM/FM radio failing to find any stations.

Many others have complained about the lighting either breaking or partially breaking within a few weeks of use, or even out of the box. This is particularly disappointing. Good quality LEDs are reasonably cheap, and there is no need to skimp on a product that costs around $1500 when a $25 computer fan can still be built with top quality LED components.

Customer Support

Perhaps what’s more worrying is Crosley’s support of the Bluetooth Jukebox. While the unit has the Crosley brand on it, and they control the warranty, they can not repair the units.

Warranty claims have to be made through a separate company called Deer Park Distributors. Crosley design the units and has them manufactured and assembled in China. This happens often and is not by itself necessarily a bad thing, but it approaches the territory of being anti-consumer when customers are forced to jump through hoops to get a faulty product repaired or returned.

A positive side note is that the jukebox comes with a 1 year warranty standard from Crosley.

Crosley at the very least should handle all returns themselves on behalf of their customers, especially when the company that does handle the return and repair promotes itself as a Crosley distributer. There’s already a relationship there, there shouldn’t be any need for a customer to be a go-between.

Crosley should also have technicians within their HQ or a service center, or even hire another service company to carry out repairs.


The CR1215A is a great looking jukebox, that’s for certain. It will bring that nostalgic and authentic feeling to any space around it, and the lighting system looks great. If that’s what you’re looking for, and you don’t mind spending a nice chunk of change for the privilege, you should be happy with your purchase as long as the lights are operating correctly and you’re not bothered about how good it sounds.

Personally, the appeal of the aesthetic is not enough to get over the lack of connectivity. Having to pay an extra couple hundred dollars for a drawer to make it as tall as an original jukebox is discouraging as well.

If you are bothered about how your jukebox sounds and you want something that’s a little more authentic, I would suggest taking a look at the Mayfield Full Size Jukebox by Victrola, which appears to be aimed more toward an audiophile audience, which is much cheaper and features some great upgrades over this Crosley CR1215A Jukebox.

Alternatives to the Crosley CR1215A Jukebox

Crosley could get away with missing features, questionable pricing, and imperfect build quality if they were the only game in town, however, Victrola also makes a jukebox (albeit slightly smaller) that comes with several features missing from the Crosley jukebox, including a line out, 3-speed record player, and subwoofer for bigger sound output. It is also around $600 cheaper.

Crosley also offers the Crosley Bubbler jukebox, which features a robust record player and a more comprehensive built-in speaker configuration, including subwoofers and more authentic back-lit bubble tubes. That model will set you back around an eye-watering $12,300.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Crosley CR1215A Jukebox have a warranty?

Yes, this jukebox comes with a standard 1 year warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.

Their consumer support number is 1-866-CROSLEY (1-866-276-7539) and the product’s warranty information can be found here.

Is there an online user manual for the Crosley Jukebox?

Yes, two manuals are available online as PDFs: One user manual can be found here and a different user manual can be found here.

Is this a review on the Crosley Jukebox model available at Walmart?

No, the CR1215A is a separate model. The Crosley Jukebox sold at Walmart can be found here.

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