eBay Vintage Turntable Finds 7 – 16 Sept

Here’s this week’s vintage turntable roundup on eBay.

Here’s a quick breakdown.  But be sure to check out the pics below…

It’s a week of mostly Technics TTs.  But my personal fave for the week is the Denon DP 62 L.  It was released at the same time the CD hit the market.  So it’s pretty under rated and got very little play time. But it’s a rare gem of a TT and a nice score.

Next in line is the Technics SL 1900 which needs no introduction as a flagship TT from Technics.  The SL 1500 is close behind as the home version of the SL 1500 MK2.

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Please remember to do your due diligence before making any purchases.

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